Thursday, May 15, 2014

Gruha Pravesham / House Warming Ceremony Kolams

Here are a few kolams done for the ceremony of our cousin's gruha pravesham.
The key concept is that of welcoming everyone home. We used the traditional `swagatham' design for this.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Krishna Leela Theme Kolam

Here is a kolam based on the theme - Sri Krishna Leela. We did this kolam at Kannankulangara Krishna Temple, on the day of `Krishnavatharam Chandana Chaarthal', during the Dashavathara Chandana Kaappu festival.

The central part of the Kolam is depicting Radha Krishna - The union of Jeevathma with Paramathma.


Around these are four instances from Bala Leela -

1. The infant and naughty Krishna being tied up to the pestle and bringing down the two trees - Yamalarjunas, and thereby liberating Nalakoobura and Manigreeva.

2. Krishna dancing on the poisonous snake Kaliya and removing the false vanity of Kaliya.

3. Krishna lifting Govardhana mountain and protecting the beings of Vrindavan from the incessant rain and thunder, caused due to the pride and wrath of Indira, the King of Heaven.

4. Krishna and friends stealing butter.

The Bala leelas are then followed by the Raasa leela, with the gopis singing and dancing in ecstasy.

 After finishing this circle, we got so much reminded of Uthakaad Venkita Subbaiyer's `Asaindhaadum Mayil Ondru Kaanum'... meaning, when one sees the beautiful dancing peacock, one feels that its telling us that our Lord Krishna has arrived.

So we finished the kolam with the peacocks too, dancing to the tune of Raasa leela. :-)

 One more pic..


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