Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vishu Special

Happy Vishu 2012!

Vishu is an important day in Kerala. The main element of Vishu is the `Vishu Kani', or the prosperous sight that one is supposed to see, the first thing in the morning.

Krishna's `Peeli'

This kolam was also put on the occassion of a Krishna temple's festival.
The Mayil peeli, or peacock feather on the four ends reminds one of the little Lord, ever naughty and ever enchanting.
After putting the kolam, I realized that the outer border resembles balloons and candles, and renders a birthday-like theme!

Poorna Kumbham Kolam

This kolam, put during a temple festival, is centered on a Poorna Kumbham, held by two elephants on either sides.

Yet another Kolam for wedding

Here is another one, again, put on the wedding of my daughter. The picture is scanned from the wedding album, and so, apologies again for the poor picture quality.

A `Kalyana - Paay' themed kolam for weddings and engagements...

A quadra theme kolam for Kalyanam

Here is a kolam that I did for my daughter's wedding, more than a decade ago. I have scanned it from the wedding album, so apologies for the lack of picture clarity.