Sunday, January 11, 2009

Karthika Vilakku

illaga viLakkadhu iruL keduppadhu
sollaga viLakkadhu sOdhi uLLadhu
pallaga viLakkadhu palarum kANbadhu
nallaga viLakkadhunamaccivAyavE
ல்லக விளக்கது ருள் கெடுப்பது
சொல்லக விளக்கது சோதி உள்ளது
பல்லக விளக்கது பலரும் காண்பது
நல்லக விளக்கது நமச்சிவாயவே
The lamp that is lit inside a house removes the darkness. It (namaSivAya) is praised as the
internal lamp. It is radiant. It is the lamp in many minds (- of devotees). It is sought by many
people (- the knowledge seekers). It is the good internal lamp (- the lamp that does good to
us). It is namaSivAya indeed.

--------- An excerpt from "namaccivayap padhigam" by Thirunavukkarasar

This kolam forms a befitting carpet for seating the lamps. Aligned with the theme of Karthika Vilakku, the kolam's outermost border adds a fine dash of radiance to it.